10 Myths About Martial Arts Home Study

Apr 14, 2014 by

Noticed this on blackbetlathome.com : 10 Myths About Martial Arts Home Study. Black Belt at Home is run by Michael Hodge of the Complete Shotokan Karate program. I agree with what Michael’s...

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What Does a Video Test Look Like?

Apr 11, 2014 by

I saw this on the AKLA home page and thought others might find it interesting.  It’s a Kenpo purple belt test video. I’m posting it as an example of what a video test looks like.  Most...

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Back At It

Apr 9, 2014 by

I apologize for not spending much time on BBDL of late.  My day job got to be very busy and I didn’t have time to properly work on this site.  Life’s back to normal, so I’ve come...

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Geoff Johnson Drops Testing Fees

Feb 19, 2013 by

Geoff Johnson has eliminated  the testing fees in his Kenpo Karate Program, and I’ve updated the entry.  A great program is now even...

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More Programs Listed

Aug 28, 2012 by

Besides some of the great programs here, I also list some of the…less great.  Added more today… Hung Sing – a British school offering Choy Li Fut.  Might be a fine school but had...

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BBDL Hits 42 Listings + a Styles Directory

Aug 15, 2012 by

When I started BBDL, we had about 20 programs listed.  Now we’re up to 42 with a pile more on my queue.  I hope you enjoy these updates: Wing Lam Kung Fu - a big martial arts business that...

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Why test?

Aug 13, 2012 by

I had an email from someone asking why I focus on testing/ranking/promotion programs, as opposed to general martial arts home study. His points were: There’s a lot of good instructional...

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