Program: World Hombo Dojos Distance Learning

School: World Hombo Dojos DL
Instructor: World Hombo Dojos
Style: Varies
Materials: DVDs
Black Belt Test: Video
Est. Cost: $290

This school scored negative points from the start by having a web site that plays some pseudo-Chinese music on nonstop loop without any way of turning it off. But trying to look past that…

The school offers Muay Thai, Hapkido, Wushu, Tai Chi, China Na, TKD, Kempo Karate, Jujitsu, Aiki Jujitsu, Grappling Jiu-Jitsu, Kali/Arnis/Escrima, Combat Karate…as well as calligraphy, bonsai, and a tea ceremony certificate. Already I am worried because that is such a galaxy of styles that unless they have two dozen instructors, it’s unlikely they can really focus on any.

Clicking on a couple confirmed my fears – no information on who the instructors are, no previews or clips, no information on what is covered or a curriculum, etc.

I’d be very leery of this school. Either they are reselling some white label programs (in which case, what is the instructor doing except rubber-stamping you?) or there is likely a serious question of quality in production. Each course is about $290, paid all up front, sight unseen.


  1. Tony little

    I could write a whole review but won’t waste my time, but here’s my advice don’t waste your time with these clowns.

  2. Tom

    I agree with the above a real phoney place.

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